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Joe College
Danny is a junior at Yale University, but unlike his other friends who are from wealthy families, Danny comes from a new jersey working class family. He has a crush on Polly, a pretty classmate who is having an affair with a professor, and he has been getting frantic calls from his ex-girlfriend, Cindy, back home. With spring break coming up, Danny is looking forward to a chance to relax. But when he arrives at home, Danny's father has to undergo a minor...
Little Children
Little Children takes place during a summer in present day suburbia. Everything looks good on the surface, but as with most suburbs, there is a lot of turmoil going on below the surface. The author, Tom Perotta, shows us the problems of several characters. The most shocking problem going on is that a convicted child molester has moved into the neighborhood. One character, Larry, is particularly obsessed with making sure that the molester does not harm an...

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