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Skinny Legs and All
Ellen Cherry Charles is an artist working as a waitress in a New York City restaurant run by an Arab and a Jew. On her way to New York from Seattle, she awakened a stick and a shell who are former sacred objects from the temple in Jerusalem. As they attempt to get back to Israel, and Ellen tried to figure out her life, the history of the Muslim/Jewish conflict in the Middle East is revealed....
Still Life with Woodpecker
Princess Leigh-Cheri is struggling with the typical issues of early adulthood: overprotective parents, a rocky love-life, and a crisis of identity. After a humiliating break-up with her first boyfriend, Leigh-Cheri vows eternal celibacy. She swears off men and devotes her time to progressive causes and weird philosophical traditions. When love crashes in, disrupting her sad resignation, the Princess begins to take on the traits of her newfound lover: cha...