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Gambling With the Enemy
Jessica Rayder is a retired investment broker who's first love has always been horses. She and her childhood best friend, Faith Angelo, have spent years building a classy equestrian center and wooing the well-heeled horse people of western Connecticut. When a series of financial disasters threaten the future of Easton Ridge, Faith falls back into the alcoholic haze from which Jess had rescued her years before, and Jess struggles to keep things afloat whi...
Hearts Over Fences
Bethany Webb is building the biggest, fanciest equestrian center in the nation, right in the heart of horse country--Lexington, Kentucky. On grand opening day, she meets handsome Brett Hall, a talented equestrian athlete with only one goal--take the national jumping crown away from the current champion. Later in the day, Beth takes a nasty spill and ends up in a wheelchair. When the surgeons give her the go-ahead for physical therapy, she travels to Loui...
Winning Ways
Still mourning the death of her father, veterinarian Liz Barnett moves from Kentucky to a new vet practice opportunity in the foothills of northern California. Stunning horses, great credentials, and tons of self-confidence convince her that a new and exciting life awaits her, but she's met with resistance and hard scrutiny. Tough old cattle ranchers in the area want nothing to do with a young, pretty female vet. Her salvation is her beautiful horses,...