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A Hero For Wondla
Eva Nine discovers a human colony governed by Cadmus Pryde, who has secret plans to take over the entire planet. Leaving off where Search for Wondla left off, Book Two of Tony DiTerlizzi's WondLa series begins when Eva Nina finds out that she is not the sole surviving human being on Orbona (the name for Earth in this Sci-Fi series). After defeating Besteel, the villain in Book One, she and Rovender are saved by Hailey Turner, a scrappy boy pilot who save...
The Search for Wondla
With her surrogate robot mother named Muthr, Eva Nine has lived below ground her entire life and longs to explore the world above her tiny domicile. Eva Nine is twelve years old and has lived her entire life in an underground Sanctuary, with only her an Omnipod (a futuristic iPad that looks like a looking glass) and a Multi-Utility Task Helper Robot 05 ("Muthr") as companionship. Eva trains for the day she will be able to go above ground and meet other h...