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Man and Wife
When he gets married for the second time, TV producer Harry Silver is optimistic that the bad days are behind him. But before long his ex-wife wants to take his young son abroad, his mother is seriously ill, and he suspects his wife is having an affair. Like so may people in today's society, Harry finds himself trying to stay sane as his life unravels around him....
One for My Baby
Atria, Mar 2004, 24.00, 352 pp. ISBN: 0743456645 Language teacher Alfie Budd leaves Hong Kong after several years there to return home to London fueled by grief for a lost loved one. However, London may swing, but no where near the way Alfie remembers the town. Everything is different, but mostly his parents act strangely. Alfie thought they shared a loving relationship, but now his father piteously discos with a foreign au pair younger than h...