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Girl With A Pearl Earring
Chevalier imagines the Vermeer painting's young subject as 16-year-old Griet the daughter of a painter whose family is thrown into poverty by his sudden blindness. In desperation, the family sends Griet to work as a housemaid in the home of Johannes Vermeer. Griet there encounters about 170 pages' worth of discomforts from fearing the family's Catholic faith to finding virtually everyone in the household unpleasant. Vermeer's wife, Catherina, envies ...
The Lady and the Unicorn (Literature)
Nicolas des Innocents is commissioned to create a tapestry for Jean le Viste, a rich nobleman. While going over the terms, he meets Jean's young daughter, Claude who is attracted to the handsome artist. When they are caught in an indelicate situation, she is separated from him. He goes to Brussels to supervise the preparation of the pattern for the weaving of the tapestry. There he meets the beautiful daughter of the weaver who is blind. When he...
The Lady and the Unicorn (Romance)
Dutton, Jan 2004, 23.95, 250pp ISBN: 0525947671 In 1490, having purchased his way into the aristocracy, French nobleman Jean Le Viste, feeling self-important, tries to further impress the King and his court on how worthy a person he is. He commissions artist Nicholas des Innocents to design tapestries for Le Viste. Jean's disappointi...
The Last Runaway
The Last Runaway is a story about a young girl named Honor Bright. The Book begins in the 1850s in Ohio during the time when the abolitionist movement was gaining ground. Honor was at this time in Europe and was courting a young Quaker who told her about the slavery issues in the United States. Honor would set out alone to assist the Quaker movement who were helping runaway slaves secure freedom. The 1850s was a time of American expansion and a time o...

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