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Beneath a Silent Moon
Morrow, Mar 2003, 24.95, 448 pp. ISBN: 0066211425 Charles Fraser met and married Melanie when they worked cloak and dagger against supporters of Napoleon on the continent. After four years of danger, the couple accompanied by their two children comes to London to take their place amongst the Ton. Now in the safety of post war England, Melanie wonders if her spouse has doubts about their relationship and loves Honoria Talbot who shockingly is ma...
Daughter of the Game (Thriller/Action)
Charles Fraser, a liberal minded Member of Parliment, and his wife Melanie, a beautiful refugee of the napoleonic wars, seem to have a perfect marriage, and two beautiful children. But one evening, when Charles and Melanie are at a party, their six year old son is kiddnapped. Shocked and terrified, Charles and Melanie resolve to do everything in their power to ensure their son's safe return. It is not long before an aquaintence of their's send a ...
Daughter of The Game (Romance)
Morrow, Apr 2002, 24.95, 483 pp. ISBN: 0066211336 In 1819 London, a Spaniard abducts Colin, the son of aristocratic Melanie and Charles Fraser. The obvious motives are either ransom as Charles is a well to do grandson of a duke or political reasons because he is a parliamentary reformist. However, they learn that the lead kidnapper wants neither. Instead he believes that Charles and Melanie from their recent activities on the Peninsular ag...