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Phi Beta Bimbo
Leah Smith has been a lifelong nerd and for her thesis in sociology, she decides to perform a test. Who gets a job, a blonde bimbo or a brown haired nerd? So, to perform this test, she inflates her modest B cup to astronomical, buys a blonde wig, dones a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels and the buys shortest skirt she can find. She creates the perfect opposite of Leah, Candi Deveraux. Everyone falls for the trick except for security expert Mark Colson...
Stuck With You
Paige Hart and Ross Bennet are two lawyers who cannot stand the sight of one another and can't seem to stop bickering. Then one day, while entering a courthouse, a bomb explodes. The next thing they know is that they are in quarantine sharing one hospital room. The reason, through crazy accident, they may have been exposed to the rare virus known as the Tibetan Concuspiscence Virus, or to put it in plan terms, "Horny Monk Disease". For the next two w...