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Star by Star - Star Wars, The New Jedi Order 9
The Yuuzhan Vong have 'shaped' a creature that can hunt down and kill Jedi. In a desrerate attempt to stop the creatures, all cloned from a single 'queen,' Anakin Solo assembles a Jedi strike team including his two siblings, to be captured and brought behind enemy lines where they will overtake the ship, fly to the cloning facility, and destroy the 'queen' to stop the production of the Jedi Hunters. One of the most powerful and imaginative Star Wars b...
Tatooine Ghost
Lea Organa Solo had thought the beloved moss painting Killik Twilight had been lost in the destruction of her home planet Alderaan. When she learns that it is going to be auctioned off on the desert planet Tatooine she must try to recover it in order to get the Key Code that was hidden inside and save the Rebel telecommunications system Shadow Comm. Once on Tatooine she starts to have force visions and feelings of familiarity. When the paniting is...
The Joiner King
In the Joiner King, the jedi who matured in the NJO are receiving a strange call from the unknown regions, a call for help. They go and are followed by Han and Leia Solo and Luke Skywalker. Upon investigation, they find out that the call is oringinating from a former jedi who has partially becoem a bug. A former jedi has led them into a new lifestlye and they are attacking the chiss people. As Luke and his friends try to figure out why they are being...
The Swarm War
In the Swarm War, Luke and his fellow jedi must band together to fight off the Dark Nest. Meanwhile as Vajaina and Zekk are off fighing the Chiss in a war, Luke must take personal control of the jedi. After fleeing kilik space, Han and Leia must then aid the Jedi in stopping a kilik invasion of the knonw galaxy. As the war rages around them, Leia and Saba Sebtayne must stop a Chiss bomb from wiping out the Kiliks. In a stunning conclusion, Luke and J...

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