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Breakfast at Tiffany's
"Fred", the narrator, is introduced to Holly Golightly, a 19 year old former Hollywood starlet, one night when she crawls through his window from the fire escape. Her boyfriend for the evening bites her on the shoulder, and she needs to get away from him. Fred and Holly become fast friends, especially when he reminds her it's Thursday, the day she must meet Sally Tomato in jail for a $100 a visit, to get the weather report from him. Holly makes ...
In Cold Blood (Literature)
In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, describes the events preceding and following the murder of the Clutter family in their small town Kansas home. This "nonfiction novel" is based on events that truly happened but are portrayed novelistically. Capote depicts the thoughts, actions, and conversation of the killers in the weeks and hours before the murders. Also depicted is the homey domestic life of the doomed Clutter family, denizens of the good and vir...
In Cold Blood (Biography)
One summer, an entire Kansas family was killed by two escaped convicts in search of money to continue on their journey. This stark yet poignant book gives an omniscient background of the Clutter family and a first-hand look at the lives of the criminals and killers, Dick and Perry as well as the killings themselves. ...
In Cold Blood (Thriller/Action)
The small town of Holcomb, Kansas is rocked by the murder of the prominent and beloved Clutter family. The brutal crime is committed with no apparent motive and no clear suspect. Truman Capote recreates the murder, investigation, trial and execution of the murders. The book begins with the murders of the Clutters. The quiet town of holcom becomes the center of attention, and residents become paranoid that they might be the next targets of the murderer...

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