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Baudolino, once an Italian peasant, one day found himself a courtier and adopted son of the Holy Roman Emperor. Now in his twilight years, elderly Baudolino relates his life story to Nikias, a Byzantine scholar, during the sacking of Constantinople by soldiers of the fourth crusade. Baudolino's life story is a fanciful mixture of historical fact and pure fiction...mostly invention of the crafty Baudolino himself. Baudolino claims to have fooled Kings, Po...
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana
Yambo, a 60ish antiquarian bookseller in Milan, awakens from a mysterious coma to discover that he has no memory of himself. He can recall every poem, novel, or comic book he has ever read, but his wife, best friend, and daughters remain strangers to him. Although he remembers the ins and outs of the book-dealing business, his business partner, the Polish woman with whom he may have had an affair, is also a blur. In an attempt to retore his memory by spe...
The Name of the Rose
William of Baskerville is a 14th Century monk who arrives at an Italian monastery to discuss theology, but when monks start turning up dead, he and his novice set out to find the killer. The first killing is believed to be a suicide, but William is suspicious. Following another death, the abbot asks William to investigate, impressed already by his incredible skills of observation and deduction. William and young Adso, his novice, begin asking questions a...