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All Of Me
Tired of being overweight, Serpentine tries to commit suicide. Serpentine Williams is tired of the yo-yo diets and endless quest to lose weight and keep it off. Her mama is on her back always making smart remarks in reference to her daughter's size. Serpentine tries to commit suicide to end the pain and ends up on the psyche ward where she works with Dr. Greeley to. get to the meat of her issues so she can begin to find herself. When she is released ...
Colored Sugar Water
Lucy falls for a psychic reader who shows his true colors. Lucy and Adele have been best friends since their college days in Houston. Adele is married to Thaddeus who comes up with new business ventures that Adele finances with her six figure job as a human resources executive with a large oil company. Lucy thinks Adele needs a self-esteem boost so she can be free of her Spencer. Adele thinks Lucy is silly for dealing with her guy (Spencer). Accordi...