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The third novel in the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant starts where the last book, Insurgent, ended: an experiment of genetic engineering is revealed as the cause behind the narrowly-defined human factions that used to control post-apocalyptic Chicago, Amity, Abnegation, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite. Now the factionless masses have risen up to take control of Chicago in the wake of a bloody faction war, and those who used to belong to factions have begun t...
Divergent is a dystopian young adult novel, the first in a series of three. Divergent starts with Beatrice Prior, who resides in Chicago, but it is very different than what we are used to. The city is split into factions, who have next to no interaction with one another. Beatrice resides with her family in Abnegation, the selfless faction. One day when she is sixteen, she must choose whether she wants to change factions or remain in Abnegation. She is...
Insurgent - Divergent 2
The second installment in the Divergent saga, which charts the rise to power of Tris among the bloody warfare of dystopian Chicago, as she tries to save her friends, family and city from war while grappling with her own inner conflicts. Insurgent is the second installment in Roth's Divergent trilogy, the first book of which has already been reviewed. Set in the future among the survivors of post-apocalyptic America, in Chicago, the survivors and their ch...