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Death and the Oxford Box
This is the debut of mystery-solving novelist Kate Ivory of Oxford, England. Kate's jogging group devises a plan to steal back the property of one member which was taken from her by her estranged husband. While their little robbery is in progress, one member of the group is murdered, and Kate finds that more than one of her fellow joggers have motives for the crime....
Oxford Fall
Christopher Townsend, the Development Officer of Bartlemas College, was apparently drunk when he fell to his death from one of the college towers. When Kate Ivory assumes his job of managing the Gender and Genre conference, she begins to suspect that his death was no accident, and that his murderer intends to kill her too....
Oxford Knot
Historical novelist Kate Ivory goes on a country-wide book signing tour accompanied by Devlin Hayle, a testerone laden author of historical bodice-rippers. Devlin creates trouble wherever he goes and is being followed on the tour by some strange and threatening people. In addition to her problems with Devlin, Kate is seems to have attracted a very ardent secret admirer who sends her messages and a gold knot ring. All of this leads to murder and Kate must...