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February and the Single Heart
Mary Jo Miller has pleaded innocent but to no avail. She is accused of robbing the museum where she works after having fallen on tough times when her father died and the family fortune evaporated. She remembers a time when she was kidnapped as a teen and a ransom demanded from her wealthy father. Her knight in shining armor then had been the young, barely out of his teens February Dunn but he was nowhere around to help her out of her present predica...
January and the single heart
Jan told her mother a huge lie and now she is about to be caught in her fib. Jan has a problem: one of her own making might I add. Her mother has been worried about her as she is getting old (she is now the ripe old age of thirty) and she does not seem to have any prospects for settling down in mind. So what does she do? Like any other girl who wants to get their mother off their case she tells her that she is never without a date. This is about to catch...
March and the Single Heart
Twenty one year old Marci Ramirez has a secret project but is unfortunately drafted in as a drug carrier by her community gang. Marci Ramirez suffered a fall as child and as a result wears a leg brace. She lives in a poor, Hispanic community and works as a cashier. She lives with a drunk, abusive father who often accuses her of being a drug addict and prostitute when in reality she is holding down two jobs. The only thing mysterious about Marci is what s...