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Nerd Gone Wild
St. Martin's Feb 2005, 6.99, 4164 pp. ISBN: 031299866X Following the death of her beloved grandmother who raised her, Ally Jarrett decides to live her dream. She leaves the relative warmth of Southern California to become a wildlife photographer in wintry Porcupine, Alaska. Not long afterward, her grandmother's nerdy personal assistant Mitchell Carruthers arrives under the pretext that he needs her to sign estate documents. Mitch is actually...
Nerd in Shining Armor
Genevieve Terrence thought it was a dream come true that her boss, Nick Brogan invited her for a weekend in Maui on a business trip. Unfortunately, Jack Farley was told to also tag along. Jack is a brillant programmer, but has extremely poor social skills. Around Genevieve he's even worse, since he's had a crush on her. Nick isn't all he seems, and a plane crash occurs, leaving Jack to crash-land the plane. Now Genevieve and Jack are stuck on a remot...
The Nerd Who Loved Me
Lainie is a beautiful showgirl and Harry is an accountant. Harry's pretty sure a woman like Lainie would never be interested in him, but circumstances bring them together. Lainie's ex-boyfriend has come to Vegas, and he wants his son back. Lainie's not about to let the drunken and violent man have him, and Harry volunteers his help to keep the two of them safe. Lainie can't help but wonder, however, if her son wouldn't be better off with his father, ...
The Nerd Who Loves Me
St. Martin's, Aug 2004, 6.99, 384 pp. ISBN: 0312998562 In Las Vegas accountant Harry Ambrewster baby sits four year old genius Dexter Terrell while his mother Lainie dances at the Nirvana Casino. Dexter's dad Joey Benjamin angrily arrives drunk demanding to see his son who he has ignored since the kid was born. Concerned for Dexter's safety, Harry takes the kid, finds Lainie and drives to the home of his mom Rona, who comes up with a plan to co...

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