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Han d'Islande
HAN D'ISLANDE is the first novel of Victor Hugo published in 1823. Norway, 1699. Ordener Guldenlew, the son of one of the most important barons of the scandinavian Kingdom, is in love with Schumacker's daughter Ethel who knows him only by his first name. Schumacker was once the favorite minister of the King but was overthrown 20 years ago by Ordener's father. Schumacker and Ethel are from then on prisoners in the Munckholm island. In the meantime, the...
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Inès De Castro
INES DE CASTRO is the first play written by Victor Hugo in 1818 as he was only 16 years old. Portugal, XIVth century. Don Pedro, the son of the King of Portugal, is secretly married to Ines de Castro. They must hide their love and their two children because Don Pedro should have married a spouse chosen by his parents. As the two lovers are betrayed, Inès is sent to jail in order to be judged and Don Pedro abandons his war campaign against the Moors to...
Les Miserables
Les Miserables is the story of the Miserable Ones of early 19th century Paris. Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread to feed his family. After 19 years in prison, he emerges a toughened convict ostracized by society. It takes a great act of love to transform him into an individual devoted to good. Fantine was used as a mistress by a man who had no intention of marrying her. After she bears his child, she must leave. She cannot even have the child with he...

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Notre Dame De Paris
Under the shadow of the gothic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, a dramatic tale of love and jealousy is played out. Esmerelda is a beautiful gypsy (whose origins are gradually explored) loves Phoebus, a thoughtless young man who wants her briefly for sex and little more. Esmerelda is loved by Quasimodo, a hunchback with a deformed face, but a very true and good soul who protects her and hides her in the cathedral. Frollo is a thoughtful man who for various...

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