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Autumn Leaves
St. Martin's, Sep 2002, 24.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312286767 Kennedy James is not sure if she is unhappy with herself or her lover wealthy businessman Simpson Stone, who enjoys kinky love especially with him in control in bed. Even outside he must be in charge so she wonders why she still sees him at the cost of her freedom. At the University of Texas Consolidated, football has climbed in popularity with the success of the team led by sure shot fu...
What's a Woman to Do?
St. Martin's, Aug 2004 ISBN: 0312335237 In Dallas the three Hampton sisters feel they are close to one another, but each one keeps a major secret or two from their beloved sisters. Middle child Janeen feels she has hit the corporate glass ceiling especially when the board selected an outsider for a position that should have been hers, but it is her personal life that is in shambles. She and her womanizing spouse Ray are near the end as he canno...