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Sins of the Mother
Jasmine's four-year-old daughter goes missing from a mall on Black Friday, her disappearance sends the family into turmoil. Holding down the title as First Lady is not a job to take lightly. Jasmine's husband is head pastor at City of Lights - Riverside Church, presiding over one of the largest congregations in New York City. His wife and mother of his two children is not well liked by church members. Jasmine has a long history of husband stealing and be...
Too Little, Too Late
This story is about a deceitful woman who wants a successful marriage without owning up to her past. Jasmine has been keeping secrets from her husband Hosea. One of the things she neglected to tell him she was that she had been married before. The omission is literally haunting her while she sleeps. She is dogged by dreams of Hosea confronting her and kicking her out. She loves him and doesn't want to lose him, but her past has plenty of dark secrets ...
Truth Be Told
Grace Monroe has a perfect world. She is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She is a politician who has recently been elected to the Los Angeles City Council. She wants to be viewed as, not only an honest politician, but a Christian as well. Although they appear to be the perfect family, Grace and her husband, Conner, have not always had the perfect marriage. Grace was guilty of having an affair with another man. Conner was devastat...