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The Healer's Keep
Years have passed since King Kareed waged war on bellandra, but still the people remember. Now, Torina and Landen's daughter, Saravelda, has been chosen to seek the legendary Healer's keep of Bellandra. Desperately trying to fit it, Saravelda keeps her royal identity a secret, calling herself Sara, and mingling with the other students as though she were another commoner. Within saravelda lies a power almost legendary. At night, strange dark creatures...
The Seer and the Sword
Torina Archelda had never known life beyond the kingdom of Archeld. Though raised more by her genteel mother, Queen Dreea, it is her father's adventurous impulses that she has inherited. When next King Karreed returns from battle, he brings with him two gifts that will change Torina's life, and the lives of those around her. One is a crystal ball that shows her visions, visions of the past and of the future. The other gift, far greater even than the cry...