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Murder on Astor Place
Sarah Brandt, a mid-wife in late 1800s New York, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation when she visits a woman whose baby she recently delivered. Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy is investigating a young woman's strangulation at the same boardinghouse. Malloy and Sarah instantly mistrust one another, especially when Malloy insists she go with him to search the girl's room. Reluctantly, Sarah begins looking through the dead girl's clothing....
Murder on Marble Row
Berkley, June 2004, 21.95, 320 pp ISBN 0425196106 New York City Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt is trying to clean up the corruption on the force. When an explosion kills Mr. Gregory Van Dyke, a wealthy and powerful businessman, the commissioner asks Detective Frank Malone to lead the investigation because he won't be bought by the influential citizens who have policemen on their payroll. At the Van Dyke mansion, the trophy widow blames the...
Murder on Mulberry Bend
Berkley, Mar 2003, 6.99, 352 pp. ISBN: 0425189104 Around 1900, midwife Sarah Brandt escorts Richard Dennis through the lower Manhattan slums to the Prodigal Son Mission where his deceased wife voluntarily worked before dying because he needs to understand why Hazel found solace at this safe place for girls. The wealthy Richard is overwhelmed with what he sees, but at the mission, Mrs. Wells provides kindness to the guilt laden Richard. Sarah gi...
Murder On Washington Square
Berkley, April 2002, 6.99, 336 pp. ISBN 0425184307 Sarah Brandt can trace her bloodlines to the original Dutch but she doesn't believe that just because her parents are wealthy, she is better than the immigrants she serves as a mid-wife are. Rather then live with her parents in their posh 57th St. house she lives in Greenwich Village and is friends with many of the people in the neighborhood. One of her closest friends is her next doo...

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