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The Photograph
Ballantine, May 2003, 22.95 ISBN: 0345444841 The Japanese turned Maddy Marshall's seventeenth birthday into a day that will live in infamy. The boys she has known all her life in Radley, Pennsylvania quickly start volunteering to serve in the military. Her brother Davey joins the marines and her almost engaged to boyfriend Lyle enlists in the navy. A few weeks later, Davey sends for his wife Ruth recovering from a miscarriage and Maddy to jo...
The Wedding Dress
Ballantine, Jun 2002, 21.95, 304 pp. ISBN: 0345444825 By 1865, the war is over, but Virginia still has to recover. Sisters Victoria and Julia Atwater mourn the losses of their husbands, Confederate soldiers who died fighting, but have little time to grieve as survival is a daily chore. However, their seventeen-year-old younger sister Claire is depressed because she has no future as there are no men to marry and no prospects of starting a ne...