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Mrs. Dalloway
In Virginia Woolf's 1925 novel, "Mrs. Dalloway",taking place in a single day in London after WWI, the heroine, Clarissa, prepares for a party she is giving that June night by going into the city to buy flowers. As the day wears on, Clarissa meets all those who are significant in her life: her dauther, Elisabeth, Elisabeth's workingclass woman friend Doris Kilman, her former lover, Peter Walsh, terurning from India with a broken marriage and an unsui...
Orlando is the story of a young Renaissance British nobleman who fancies himself a poet. Spurned by a Russian princess, he becomes depressed, and goes into seclusion, forever working on the poem he believes will be his masterpiece. Later, his travels take him to a foreign war, during which he is transformed into a woman, and lives until the early twentieth century. Orlando's adventures, over a period of a few hundred years, both as a man and as a woman s...
The Waves
This novel by Virginia Woolf follows the lives of six friends from childhood to old age. The narrative is expressed within each of their thought processes. We learn about them from themselves and from each other. The book is a little short on plot but that doesn't really matter as the six friends have a varied and interesting existence which they share directly with the reader. ...
To the Lighthouse
It's a traditional stream of consciousness novel, this story takes place in twenty-four hours (though during the middle several years pass at the same time as hours), and is quite an indictment of traditional male dominance, though not directly. The book is a whirlwind of symbol and emotion. It's one of my favorite books....

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