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The Mists of Ravensfall
Harriet accepted a position with Marcus Raven as a governess for his two children. When she took on the job, she had no idea that her own life was in danger. When she found herself falling in love with the enigmatic owner of Ravensfall, she realized she was in danger - she just never guessed how much. The more she learned about him and his dealings with his beautiful stepdaughter, the more she feared he was a danger to them both. Despite her fears, she c...
The Secret Shadows of Ravensfall
Malvina Raven was plagued by terrifying nightmares -nightmares concerning her dead half-sister who had been so cruel to her as a child. Her doctor suggested that she return to Ravensfall to confront her fears and assure herself that her murderous half-sister and her sister's half-brother were indeed dead. She arrived at Ravensfall to stay with her cousins, fully expecting to be warmly welcomed. Instead of welcome, she was met with surprise and a vague ho...