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Bone Walker: An Anasazi Mystery
KATHLEEN O'Neal Gear & Michael Gear Forge, Dec 2001, 26.95, 352 pp. ISBN: 0312877420 In the thirteenth century, the once majestic Anasazi Empire is in a rapid state of decline. A nasty drought has led to a food shortage, which exacerbates the religious disputes and inter-clan genocide becomes the norm. War chief Browser and his trusted aide Catkin want to kill the witch Two Hearts, who burned their home to the ground. Two Hearts covets an a...
People of the Wolf
People of the Wolf tells the story of a set of twins in pre-historic America. Runs in Light, is the dreamer of the tribe. He is also one part of a set of twins that are polar opposites. While Runs in Light believes in peace, Raven Hunter, his brother believes in the power of warfare. In the beginning the main character, Runs in Light, is hunting a wolf. It is pre-historic America, it is cold and the tribe is slowly starving to death. After Runs in Li...
Raising Abel
Warner, Jul 2002, 25.95, 572 pp. ISBN: 0446526150 Paleoanthropologist Dr. Veronica Tremain is stunned when the FBI informs her that her brother Dr. Scott Ferris was tortured before being burned to death. Scott's girlfriend Dr. Amanda Alexander is also brutally killed with the same M.O. Around the globe, other scientists have been viciously slain too. The only non-scientist among the dead is Elizabeth Carter, employed by the Atlanta based Apost...

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