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Couldn't Keep It To Myself
This is an auto-biography written by numerous inmates from York Correctional Institute and editored and workshopped by Wally Lamb. The stories told focus on the lives of the prisoners, discussing their childhoods, communities, crimes and prison life. All of these stories detail a sense of hopelessness slowly being overcome through the use of writing. The book tells of brief periods of the writers life or of the entire life up until now and gives an ex...
I Know This Much Is True
This is the story of one man's struggle to find his identity, separate from his twin brother. In the course of this 900-page book, the main character deals with childhood and adult issues. The thing is, this book is very depressing. It deals explicitly with schizophrenia and dealing with the disease in someone you love.Lamb goes into great detail during the protagonist's therapy sessions, so much so that it becomes redundant. It was hard for me to finish...
She's Come Undone
Dolores Price is a young girl who must cope with her parents' bad marriage, her mother's breakdown, and a move to her grandmother's house. Dolores is already unpopular at school, bullied by girls in her class and barely able to cope with her difficult grandmother. Her problems only increase when handsome Jack Spreight and his wife move into the apartment her grandmother rents. When Dolores faces even greater tragedy, she retreats into television watch...