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The Dark Path
The continuing developement of the human/zor society brought about by the events of The Dark Wing is threatened by an invasion of aliens who conceal themselves by replacing trusted allies and controlling minds. Commodore Jackie Laperriere must grow beyond her humanity to fufill the myth of Qu'u, the mighty zor warrior who like her faced unequal odds to save his people. ...
The Dark Wing
Tor, Dec 2001, 27.95, 491 pp. ISBN: 076530113X By the twenty-fourth century, Earth has met other species and are forming colonies. However, one alien race, the Zor, feel the earthlings are an inferior breed and for over half a century, battles between the Zor and the earth colonies have occurred usually resulting in the Homo sapiens tasting defeat. In 2311, the Zor decide to exterminate the vermin forcing the earth leadership to not o...