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Warren Ellis Message Board 1/1/2012
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Crooked Little Vein
A private investigator must find one of the oldest books in the United States. Michael McGill is a private investigator in New York City who doesn't want to be a private investigator anymore. When the White House Chief of Staff enters his office, however, Michael finds that he doesn't have much choice. The Chief of Staff tasks Michael with finding a book - a secret Constitution that previous presidents used to run the country, until it was lost by Rich...
Gun Machine
A New York City detective discovers a cache of weapons - and a terrible secret. Detective John Tallow and his partner answer a call to an apartment building where a man, overwhelmed by the fact that he is being evicted so the building owners can demolish the building, is firing his shotgun and threatening his neighbors. Tallow's partner, recently married and recently forced to exercise by his new wife, falls because of a strained knee and ends up in the...