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7 Days and 7 Nights
Two radio show hosts, with totally opposing personalities are locked up together in a tiny apartment(jail) for a week.(A reality show nightmare) The purpose is to see which show will get the higher ratings, and win the spot for syndication across the SE. The contestants are Liv Moore, (a modern day "feel good" Dr. Abby type doctor,) and Matt Ransom a male jock testosterone wonder, (voted the Batchelor of America each year). During the lockup, ea...
Leave it to Cleavage
Bantam, Aug 2004, 6.50 ISBN: 0553586149 In Truro, Georgia, Miranda Smith seeks a stamp, but instead finds photos of her husband in lingerie with a female hand on his butt. She next pulls out of the garbage a torn letter from the Liberty National Bank stating that her family's century plus women's unmentionables manufacturing business of which Tom is CEO, Ballantyne Bras, is in financial trouble. Uncovering fraud at the office and that all their...