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Austerlitz:by W.G. Sebald: Translated by Anthea Bell: published by random House, NY 2001 "Austerlitz", the story of a young boy sent from Czechoslowakia to Wales by the Children's Transport (KinderTransport) of 1939, my be an attempt by the author, a German, to expiate the past by revealing it through the eyes of an orphan searching for his parents. Brought up by an austere minister and his even more withdrawn wife, Austerlitz does not find out that ...
The Emigrants
In the novel, "The Emigrants" , published in 1993, W.G. Sebald traces the lives of four exiles from Germany. In each story, he comes closer and closer to the subject of the Holocaust from which Sebald himself might be fleeing, at least in memory. The story of Max Ferber, the artist, is the most telling. The narrator in the story first meets Max in Birmingham, England where Max has a studio.Twenty-two years later, when he returns to the city, ...
"Vertigo", a novel by the German writer, W.G. Sebald, traces the lives and feeling of three literary figures: Casanova, Stendhal, and Kafka. His journeys take him over the Alps from Vienna to Venice and Verona as he assumes the personal of thes historical characters, bringing their impressions and experiences to live. Sebald also recounts his own travels to Italy where, in one of his side riffs, he admires the frescoes of Giotto. Overwhelmed by the pai...