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The Moonstone
One of the earliest and best English detective novels, "The Moonstone" is unlike any other mystery you'll ever read. Lady Rachel Verinder receives a gift from her deceased uncle on her eighteenth birthday: the Moonstone, a very large, glorious yellow diamond, whitch he stole from a shrine in India during a military operation. The diamond is supposedly cursed by the three priests who were entrusted with its care. They follow the Moonstone, which travels ...
The Woman in White
London artist Walter Hartright is sent to Cumberland to teach drawing to two half-sisters. He falls instantly in love with Laura Fairlie, the younger of the two, who is betrothed to a man of noble blood. When it becomes obvious that the fair and delicate Laura's new husband has dastardly intentions, Walter and the older, spinster sister, Marian, are set off on a thrilling chase to rescue Laura and solve the riddle of the woman in white. ...

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