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From This Beloved Hour
Jenny is hired as an archaeologist in Egypt, only to find two men falling in love with her and struggling to overcome her fears and insecurities to choose the man she knows she loves. Jenny is blonde, beautiful, and ready for adventure, so she is thrilled when she gets a job offer to work on a dig in Hierakonpolis, Egypt. As a qualified archaeologist, she is interested in the possibility of digging up the remains of an ancient Egyptian village near Hiera...
Love's Emerald Flame
A romance that starts out purely as a business arrangement, then becomes a betrayal, and then becomes a flight into the jungles of Peru for their life, as the emotionally guarded man and woman slowly fall in love with each other. Blonde, pretty journalist Diane is on assignment in Peru, where she plans to report on new discoveries in the ruins of Machu Picchu. However, not everyone wants the new dig sites photographed, including the archaeologist Pedro, ...