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After the death of her father, Alma and her mother are forced to move from their farm to town. Her mother is now a waitress struggling to make ends meet. Luckily, Alma is a lover of books and easily retreats into them to escape the realities of her everyday life. Her favourite author is R.R. Hawkins and she has all his books. When Alma's teacher notices her neat handwriting, she recommends Alma for a job transcribing letters for a reclusive old woman...
Forbidden City
Forbidden City is a tale of a fourteen year old boy Alex Jackson, who accompanied with his news reporter father visits China in the year 1989. Alex is a diligint student of military history, particulary Chinese history and he is fascinated by what he sees around him. All is going well, until university students of the Asian nation decide to protest againts government corruption, therefore resulting in demonstartions, which are not exactly meant t...