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A Hazard of New Fortunes
Dryfoos, a newly rich farmer, invests in a magazine in order to help his son Conrad get some business experience. When Basil March, the editor of the magazine, hires Lindau, a socialist, Dryfoos orders March to fire him. He refuses, Then during a strike both Lindau and Conrad are killed trying to maintain order. Believing he misjudged the man and grief stricken at the death of his son, Dryfoos pays for Lindau's funeral and sells the magazine to Mar...
A Modern Instance
The book opens with a young woman, Marcia Gaylord, who is in love with Bartley Hubbard. They live in the small town of Equity, Maine, until Bartley, who is a journalist, gravely injures one of his employees. The two spontaneously get married and move to Boston, against her parents' wishes. In Boston, they are greeted by poverty as Bartley struggles to find a position with a local paper. They struggle to fit in with upper class Boston, and make sever...