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Logan's Run
Welcome to the 23rd century. In a world run by young people and governed by computers, utopia is the rule of thumb and living is pure pleasure. One one beyond 21 is allowed to live. Logan is a Sandman, a special force "cop" who terminates people who seek to live beyond their 21st birthday who are called runners. This is his story and the journey he takes as he suddenly turns 21. Joined by a young woman named Jessica, Logan must not only ...
Logan's World
This is a sequel to Logan's Run. It tells the story of dissident Sandmen who try to reestablish the order of the cities. They get their hands on Logan and Jessica and take their revenge on them, forcing Jessica to hit Logan with a black whip and other kinky exercises....
The Black Mask Boys
This book is a collection of short stories by the masters in the hard-boiled school of detective fiction taken from the pages of early pulp magazines of the 30s. Has early work of famous authors like Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Carroll John Daly and Erle Stanley Gardner....