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Adventures in the Screen Trade
The master of the American screenplay tells his story and those of his scripts in this indispensible book for anyone interested in movies. Goldman explains his trade beautifully, and illustrates better than anyone else alive could possibly do. With the full screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Goldman's first "original," meaning not adapted from something else....
Charles "Corky" Withers is on the verge of hitting the big time. His magic act includes the winning hook of a heckler/ventriloquist dummy named Fats. Unfortunately, Corky's acting a bit erratic, too -- sleeping with overnight pickups, refusing to sign the contracts his pushy agent Ben "The Postman" Greene has been getting him -- and he escapes to the upstate New York of his boyhood, there to encounter ex-cheerleader Peggy Ann Snow, the woman of his teena...
Marathon Man
Several separate plot strands -- a fatal car crash in Manhattan, a history grad student's classes at Columbia and preparation to run the marathon, the activities of a secret operative who has secrets and double-crosses galore, and a former Nazi dentist's journey from hiding in South America to collect an invaluable booty in the heart of New York City -- take a while to come together in this terrific thriller, but come together they do. The justly famous ...
The Color of Light
Charley "Chub" Fuller is a promising young writer, with an eccentric college friend named "Two Brew" Kitchel pushing him forward and playing his agent/editor. Chub has difficulties deciding what to use from real life and how -- his father's war experiences and alcoholism, his own unhappy experiences at Oberlin, and then struggling to make it in New York City. The girl of his dreams from college leaves her husband and comes to him, and her daughter takes ...

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The Princess Bride
Buttercup grew up on a farm. All her life she has enjoyed nothing more than riding her horse, and ordering the farm boy, Wesley around. One day she realizes she is beautiful. And soon after that she falls in love with Wesley. Wesley has loved Buttercup all along. Wesley leaves for the Americas where he plans to take several jobs to make money so that he can marry Buttercup one day. In the mean time, Prince Humperdink needs a bride, and there are no...

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