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Billy Phelan's Greatest Game
When Charlie McCall, son of one of Albany's political bosses, is kidnapped, the family asks small time gambler and pool shark Billy Phelan, to keep an eye on a friend of his that they think might be involved. Billy, however, has his own code of honor, and although he makes an attempt at complying, ultimately he finds he in unable to violate his code of honor. The McCalls put the word out on the street that Billy Phelan is no good, and he finds himself ...
"Legs" is a fictionalized of the last third of the life of the gangster/bootlegger, Jack 'Legs'Diamond as told by the man who was to become his lawyer, Marcus Gorman. He describes his tangled love life, a love triangle with his wife Alice and his mistress, a dancer named Kiki Roberts, his attempt to put a scare into another bootlegger by burning his feet and threatening to hang him, which eventually causes his arrest and trial, and his several escapes f...