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"Junky" by William S. Burroughs is a bleak take on heroin addicts during the 1940s-50s. The story tells how the main character, William Lee, goes from a middle-class existence in the Midwest to pushing/using drugs in New York City, from morphine to marijuana to cocaine to (mainly) heroin. The book discusses almost every aspect of a junkie's life, from obtaining their drugs, to using them, to avoiding the police, to "Junk Sickness" (withdrawal), to prison...
Naked Lunch
This novel is a loose collection of its author's drug-induced delusions. It takes place mostly in Tangiers, Morrocco, where the writer sometimes lived. He depicts the city as a depraved, sexually deviant, drug-addled, bizarre underworld, known as Interzone. Characters come and go, strange situations and themes play themselves out. A recurring character in Burroughs' work, Dr. Benway, a sadistic quack bent on mind control, also surfaces every once in a wh...

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