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Shadow Planet: Quest For Tomorrow
Eos, Nov 2002, 23.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 0061051195 In the far distant future, mankind has colonized so many worlds that they are perceived to be a threat by the Communers, an insect like race with a hive mentality. Humanity doesn't know about this deadly enemy because the Communers prefer to remain in the shadows using guerrilla tactics and other races to destroy their enemy. Terran colony ships housing ten million humans are being given drugs that...
Star Trek Movie Memories
William Shatner, forever linked with the role of "Star Trek's" James T. Kirk, reveals a candid and revealing look at the motion picture industry as he details the goings on of the seven theatrical films adapted from Gene Roddenberry's original television creation. Shatner opens the book by with a personal take on the off-and-on discussions of bringing the series back, ultimately being reborn in the first film, "Star Trek: The Motion Picture". The actor ...
Star Trek: The Ashes of Eden
In the first of William Shatner's many books, often labeled the "Shatnerverse," Captain Kirk is back for what seems his last adventure, before the movie, Star Trek: Generations. In this book, Kirk is now a teacher at StarFleet Academy after creating a lot of trouble out in space. Feeling depressed that he now has no real purpose, he goes back to StarFleet's leading molecular researcher, Carol Markus, also his ex-wife. Finding no consolation, or advice...
The Return
This story takes place right after Star Trek Generations, Spock visits Captain Kirks grave on Veridian 3, while the wreckage of the Enterprise D is being cleaned up off another planet in the Veridian system. The Romulans and Borg attack in a join effort to steal Captain Kirk's body. They resurrect him using unknown alien technology and try to convince him with false memories that the Federation is his enemy, that Captain Picard killed his family. Late...

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