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Abel's Island
Abel is a spoiled wealthy mouse who lives in comfort, enjoying champagne and caviar. He never had to work or worry about getting the necessary things in life. Abel gets married, and one day he and his new wife Amanda go out for a picnic. A big storm breaks out, forcing them to hide in a cave. When Amanda's scarf is blown away by the wind, Abel runs out to catch it. He falls into the river and gets carried away by the stream. When Abel finds himself on...
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble
Sylvester is a happy little donkey who loves his family and has a hobby of collecting unusual pebbles. One day, Sylvester finds a very beautiful, round red pebble. He picks it up and discovers that the pebble has magical powers: it can grant wishes. Sylvester heads home, eager to share his finding and thinking about how he would help others using the power of the pebble. On the way, he encounters a hungry lion. Sylvester gets very frightened and wish ...
The Amazing Bone
A little piggie named Pearl is walking home from school. It is summer, and the weather is lovely, so Pearl is not in a hurry. She stops to enjoy flowers and other sights, and during one such stop she finds a magic bone. The bone is alive, it can talk and imitate any sound. The bone says that it fell out of a witch's basket, and it does not want to go back. Pearl is happy to keep the bone. She picks it up and continues on her way. When masked robbers ...