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Death in Summer
This is the story of the unfortunate results when various unhappy people collide and a small child is caught in between. After his wife Letitia dies, Thaddeus starts seeking a nanny to look after his newly born infant daughter Georgina. To do so, he has the help of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Iveson. Thaddeus married Letitia for her money, but came to quite like her, and is now bereft that she is gone. However, he never exactly loved her, which makes his ang...
Felicia's Journey
This novel is definitely very suspenseful, but it also requires patience. At the beginning of the book we meet Felicia, an Irish girl of 17. She is in the family way by a young man named Johnny who has disappeared, ostensibly to work in England. Felicia's father believes he has joined the British Army, which in his eyes, is nothing better than a betrayal of Ireland. He has nothing good to say about Felicia's condition either, so, feeling ashamed, she lea...
The Story of Lucy Gault
"Lucy Gault", the 2002 novel of the famous English writer, Trevor Howard, whose short stories appear regularly in the "New Yorker", begins in Ireland in 1921 during the "troubles", when Lucy's father shoots an intruder who tries to burn down his estate becuase his wife is English. The family decides to move to England,but Lucy is so upset at leaving her beloved home on the sea that she runs away. Finding a discarded garment of hers on the shore, the p...