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The Rainbow Stories
Vollmann is a young, ambitious writer who dares to be boring as well as to shock. Often, he does both. This collection of short stories shows him at his concise best. Themed to the colors of the rainbow, plus black, white, and the entire spectrum, it takes us to ancient Babylon and India but mostly the streets, parks, and morgue of San Francisco. The characters are whores, skinheads, x-ray patients, a bag person/serial killer, fetishists and other lost s...
The Royal Family
Henry Tyler is an extremely troubled private investigator in San Francisco. Between the seediness of his career, personality differences between his brother (an uptight lawyer who puts his career before all else), and an unhealthy obsession with his brother's Korean wife, Tyler is in the wrong place at the wrong time when he takes on a job to find the "Queen of Prostitutes." His employer's questionable motives, but deep pockets, keep Tyler pushing on the...