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Summer of the Monkeys
Jay Berry tries to catch wily runaway monkeys, desperately wanting the reward money. 14-year-old Jay Berry lives a happy life in the Cherokee state of Oklahoma.  His family is poor, and cannot even afford to have his crippled sister's leg fixed, but they work hard and hope for the best.  Needless to say, it is out of the question for Jay to buy the pony and gun he has always wanted. One day Jay and his dog see a monkey in the woods.  Jay is confused u...
Where The Red Fern Grows
Billy lives with his three sisters and his parents. One day when he was fishing in the river, he went over to an empty campground and found an ad for hunting dogs, which were twenty- five dollars each. Billy got to work raising money to buy the dogs. Billy does various odd jobs, including picking and selling berries, crawfish and other foods. He puts all of the money he earns in a K.C. Baking Powder can. Eventually he has enough money and as...