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A Will of Her Own
Leisure, Jan 2004 ISBN: 0843953020 English aristocrat Will Trevaron comes to Virginia to escape from his oppressive martinet grandfather and the rest of his snobbish family. However, American Maggie Carter has to rescue him almost from the moment he steps off the boat. Her Good Samaritan efforts lead to her loss of employment, but she manages to become caretaker to three small children. Eventually Maggie married her kind employer, but six year...
Something More
Elithia Sinclair is running away from an unwanted engagement, and is determined to show her society family in Maryland, USA that she can take care of herself. She answers an advertisement for a governess in Texas where she would teach two children. When she arrives she finds the employer was seeking more than a teacher for two children. There are SIX! And the position is not for a governess, but a wife!! Caleb Tanner needs a wife in 3 days to keep ...
Whatever It Takes
Maddy Potter has been widowed for seven years and has vowed never to marry again. However, she want to adopt little Katie. One big hitch: the proper ladies of Pepper Cloud, Missouri don't approval of her being single raising a child, so she needs a husband fast. Enters Clayton Kincaid...he owes Maddy a debt of honour for Maddy saving his sister from a mugging. So he agrees to act as a fiancÚ, to see here through the adopting hearing. Only, Clayton, the h...