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Angell Pearl and Little God
Angell is a wealthy, middle-aged, overweight solicitor; Pearl is a nineteen year old shop assistant, and "Little God" (Godfrey Brown) is an arrogant braggart who is a part-time chauffeur and amateur boxer, who would like to make his name as a professional flyweight Trouble begins when Angell, on the advice of his doctor, seeks a wife. Pearl is a social snob of middle-class background, who will not be seen going out with the local lads. She wants som...
The Walking Stick
Deborah Dainton is the daughter of Dr. Douglas and Dr. Erica Dainton, parents with very liberal ideas which they like to share with their daughters. She has two other sisters, both studying medicine, so Deborah is the only "non-medical" member of the family. She is also the sister with a physical disability from infancy, which causes her to limp, and she can walk only with the aid of a walking stick. Deborah is employed at Whittington's, the autcti...