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A mysterious accident covers Brisbane, Australia with man-eating jam, leaving the inhabitants of an apartment complex to figure out how to survive. Travis, a Brisbane slacker with very little going on, wakes up one morning to find his home city coated in a thick layer of strawberry jam. The true nature of the crises is driven home to him when he watches his roommate Frank attempt to ford the substance and get eaten. Travis unites with the remaining inhab...
Jim the undead wizard discovers a secret about his fantasy world - it is somehow linked to another world, our own, where it manifests as an online video game. Former farmer and wannabe magician Jim is killed in a raid on the sorcerous academy he attends. He is returned to existence as an undead creature by the Necromancer Dreadgrave. He meets his fellow members of Dreadgrave's corpse army: ridiculously perky Meryl and a priest named Thaddeus. He also me...