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Ghost of a Chance
The first in the Chintz 'n China Mystery Series, Ghost of a Chance tells the story of Emerald O'Brien, owner of the Chintz 'n China Tea Room, tarot reader, the 'town witch', and single mother of two. When Susan Mitchell's ghost shows up at her bedside begging Emerald to help her, Em isn't prepared for the chaos into which she is about to be thrust. Susan Mitchell insists that she was murdered by her husband and expects Emerald to help her prove it. Be...
Legend of the Jade Dragon
Berkley, May 2004, 5.99, 273 pp. ISBN: 0425196216 The owner of the Chintz n' China shop, Emerald O'Brien, is also a psychic who had her fifteen minutes of fame when she solved a double homicide thanks to the ghost of one of the victims. Business is booming as a result of that incident and people come from all over to have her do a Tarot reading. Daniel Barrington arrives at her shop for a reading, but Emerald fears telling him how negative h...
Murder Under a Mystic Moon
Berkley, Jan 2005, 5.99, 271 pp. ISBN 0425200027 Emerald O'Brien didn't know when she moved from Seattle to Chiqetaw that the town rests on a psychic power field and since Emerald has a strong psychic sense she is open to all the paranormal activity that surrounds the town. When her friend Jimbo O'Brien asks Emerald to look for his biker friend Scar who disappeared without a trace, she agrees to help him though there are many stories about the K...