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Explaining Herself - The Rancher's Daughter 4
Leisure, May 2002, 5,99, 334 pp. ISBN: 0843949961 Wyoming rancher Jacob Garrison hires range detective Ross Laramie to investigate rustling. Jacob warns Ross to stay clear of his daughters. Ross easily agrees to the stipulation before encountering Victoria. Ross tries to avoid Victoria, but Jacob's reporter-daughter demands to know why her father hired a private sleuth, but neither man will talk. The curious Victoria begins investigating Ros...
Proving Herself - The Rancher's Daughter 3
Leisure, Nov 2001, 5.99, 362 pp. ISBN: 0843949104 After allowing his younger brother Collier to run the family estate for the past two years, Lord Edgar Pembroke decides to take over the operation. Even more shocking to the second son is that the agreement they had is eradicated because Edgar plans to marry and have children to protect the name of his family and more important his male lover. A stunned Collier leaves for America. In ...
Say Goodnight, Gracie
Grace is one of three sisters named after the Three Graces. Unfortunately, Grace does not exactly embody the virtue she was named after. In fact, she is notoriously clumsy and accident-prone. So much so that when miner Jon Erikson visits, Grace manages to fall over the stairway railing and right on top of Jon, breaking his leg. Jon must convalesce at Grace's family home, and thus the romance begins. Help comes from a well-hidden "fairy godmother" fo...