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On Beauty
The Belsey family is NOT your typical family! Living in Wellington, a fictional college town in the Massachusetts, their lives revolve around the "snooty" liberal arts college (Wellington) at which Howard Belsey, the father, is a distinguished professor of art history. Although he has been happily married to Kiki for nearly thirty years, Howard has an affair with one of his college colleagues. Although the affair is in the past, it still haunts the fa...
The Autograph Man
Alex-Li Tandem, an Autograph Man, lives in a world of symbols and signs, where emotions are signified by “International Gestures,” people and objects are definitively classified and categorized, where the most valuable way to define yourself is by your name. Alex buys and sells autographs. He is not a collector—he is a trader. An autograph to him has no sentimental value. Usually. To Alex, life is an exercise of finding things to put between yours...
White Teeth
Tells the story of two families, one Bangladeshi and one British/Jamaican, living in London from the 1940s through the 1990s. The husbands meet during WWII and remain friends as their children grow up, rebel against their parents, and figure out their places in society....