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In Summer Light
Seventeen year old Kate Brewer returns home from boarding school for the summer after falling ill with mononucleosis. Kate is not pleased to have to return to her isolated island home, and finds herself quickly falling into the island rhythm of her old life, dwarfed by her father Marcus Brewer, a famous painter. She adopts a cool reserve to deal with her obvious resentment of her parents. When graduate student Ian Jackson arrives to catalogue her fath...
The Language of Goldfish
Thirteen year old Carrie is a gifted young artist, and strong math student, struggling with a foreboding sense of anxiousness regarding becoming a teenager. The pressure to grow up begins to overwhelm Carrie, culminating in an attempted suicide. In the aftermath of her suicide attempt, this book chronicles Carrie's therapy, the effect of her suicide attempt on her family, her social development and the development of her art a window into her psyche...